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AMZ*Prime Shipping Club

While “AMZ*Prime Shipping Club” might seem like an unorthodox charge description, Amazon tells us that it is, in fact, a legitimate charge and a credit card description that the company does use.

Amazon’s Help section indicates that this is a charge related to an Prime subscription though the documentation doesn’t go into more details than that.

This charge might also appear as “AMAZON PRIME*AAAAA1111” where the As and the 1s are actually a random string of letters and numbers which only Amazon understands.

Learn about why you received a credit card charge from AMZ*Prime Shipping Club and if the charge on your statement is valid or not.

Brand NameAMZ*Prime Shipping Club

Merchant Info

Address1200 12TH AVE S STE 1200
Postal Code98144
Country NameUnited States
Phone Number

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AMZ*Prime Shipping Club 98144

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