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If you’ve found a confusing charge with “AMAZON SERVICES-KINDLE 866-321-8851” written on your statement, there is a good chance you might be confused, as it doesn’t appear to be a standard charge.

This was, for a time, a standard credit card statement descriptor used by for Kindle digital book purchases. The charges might look like:

Ref# 1234567MM00N6TT00

Where the reference number would change based on your specific purchase.

This charge has also appeared in our research as, “Amazon Services-Kindle 866-321-8851 WA”.

Note: This charge descriptor was popular for some time, mainly around 2012 to 2013 but doesn’t seem to be used as much, if ever, at this point. It’s largely been replaced with “Amazon Digital Svcs“.

Learn about why you received a credit card charge from AMAZON SERVICES-KINDLE 866-321-8851 and if the charge on your statement is valid or not.

Brand NameAMAZON SERVICES-KINDLE 866-321-8851

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