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The charge labeled “PRIME-VIDEO-888-802-3080-WA” on a credit card statement could be a legitimate charge from Amazon for services related to Prime Video.

Sometimes this charge will appear on your statement as “PRIME-VIDEO*AAAA1111 888-802-3080-WA” where the As and 1s will be a random string of letters and numbers, likely a transaction ID.

Possible Legitimacy: This charge could be related to an Amazon Prime membership or a Prime Video subscription. Sometimes, charges like these may not be immediately recognized if they are for a subscription service that renews automatically. Amazon advises customers who don’t recognize such a charge to check their transaction history for any corresponding purchase or subscription renewal related to Amazon Prime or Prime Video​​.

General Caution: It’s important to note that not all charges with this label are legitimate. If you see this charge on your statement and do not recall making any corresponding purchase or subscription on Amazon, it is essential to investigate further. The existence of this charge on a statement without any clear supporting commercial transaction has led to the conclusion that it is generally a fraudulent charge​​​​.

Given these possibilities, if you encounter this charge on your credit card statement and do not remember authorizing it or subscribing to relevant Amazon services, it is advisable to contact Amazon customer service for further clarification and to ensure the security of your account.

A more common Amazon Prime video on demand (as in a movie purchase or rental) credit card charge might appear on your bank account as “Amazon Digital Svcs”, at least in 2024 where PRIME-VIDEO-888-802-3080-WA was more popular in years past.

Learn about why you received a credit card charge from PRIME-VIDEO-888-802-3080-WA and if the charge on your statement is valid or not.

Brand NamePRIME-VIDEO-888-802-3080-WA

Merchant Info

Phone Number888-802-3080

Related Merchants

Merchant Zip Code
PRIME-VIDEO-888-802-3080-WA n/a

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